Thursday, 13 October 2011

Why Online Storage Is A Good Solution

Why Online Storage Is A Good Solution

The things that we consider to be valuable these days have extended into the realm of the digital. No longer, are the keepsakes, family heir looms and more the only thing that is of great importance and value. We have digital pictures, we have digital documents, and a lot of things you just know to be precious. Perhaps precious in the sense of personal belongings, or a professional series of items. And our computer keeps them all for us.

Unfortunately, our computer is not the best option for just keeping our most prized components. We know that backing up should be a right solution for all of this. We can buy all sorts of Hard Drive space. From 100 gb, to over 2 gb of space. And they would be more than enough. Except, they are still physical for you. If something unfortunate were to happen to your home such as: a fire or a burglary, you done everything right and kept things in a virtual safe only to find it part of the latest plot to your home.
When you backup your data, consider the cloud solution. Going online with a lot of your data is really a good choice. If you value your stuff, adding this extra layer of protection for your items is something you truly need. Now, for the most part your items are going to someone's set of Hard Drive, but here is the difference. We are paying them to keep it safe, and guess what. They will. These cloud servers go through daily back ups themselves. So if that data centered suffered an outage of some sort. Your data does not suffer, simply because they are on the job.
We are too busy to worry about backing up our hard-drives on a daily basis like that. Boss is on your case, if you are the boss then the board is on your case, children at home need food, wife is asking for some time, by the time you get your computer time, you are all but ready to back up.
So, paying for an online solution is very handy. Now, there are many free solutions also, but if you were to pay, you tend to get more space. It will be difficult to find an unlimited free online back up, and if you do rest assured that there may be some strings attached that you might not appreciate. After all, they need some sort of compensation to take care of your files. Now, there are many companies who only ask for no more than $10 a month for unlimited solutions. And in the long run, you should ask yourself, if $10 a month vs a complete loss of valuables is actually worth it.
I mean if you can live without your family camping trip photo's, or your business statements, or your slide show presentations then any solution is too much, but if you are really intent on preserving these matters, I highly recommend a back up solution online.
Steven Menjivar is a computer networking consultant who likes to write about online backup, online storage and related technologies. If you visit his website you can learn about online storage review and best free online backup services.


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