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Laptop Problems: Freezes

Laptop Problems: Freezes

With so many Americans, and people throughout the world, for that matter, depending on their laptops, when laptop problems, such as a laptop freeze, occur, there is sudden panic and loss of productivity.
Laptop problems are often hard to figure out why they were caused. However, for laptop freezes there are specific reasons that are not too time consuming or difficult to figure out and correct the problem.
Laptop Problems, Freezing
First off, laptop problems such as freezing occur no matter what the condition of your computer. In other words, it could be brand new and a laptop freeze.
Cause 1: The Registry
The data on your computer is maintained in a Registry. When the registry is organized and clean, the data is easily retrieved. When data is missing or corrupt, then you may find that you laptop freezes. When the laptop problem is the registry, then a registry cleaner should be used to clean it up.
Cause 2: Drivers

Drivers may also be the cause of the laptop problem. The role that the drivers play on your laptop is that they are the software that accesses the laptop's hardware. If the driver becomes corrupt or stops working, then this will cause a freeze. If the cause is the drivers, the problem can be solved by upgrading your drivers.
Cause 3: Overheating
Just like the automobile, laptops can overheat, as well, and it is not uncommon for the laptop to freeze due to overheating. If this occurs, simply check the vents at the bottom of the computer. If you cannot feel the air flowing, then there is something wrong with the fan. You can try cleaning the fan, or having it replaced.
Cause 4: Hard Drive
If your computer hard drive begins to fail, then the result may be laptop freezing. To determine if this is the reason why, scan your disk using Window's built-in drive repair tool. Once you determine if this is the reason, back up your files immediately.
Cause 5: Viruses
Laptops commonly get viruses which can cause the computer to freeze. If this is the cause, scan your computer to see if it is infected. If you don't have an anti virus on your computer, definitely get one.

What hap
pens if your laptop keeps freezing and it is for none of the reasons above? Well, your best bet would be to take it to a trained computer technician. While this may be expensive, it is likely necessary. Your best bet is preventative measures to try to reduce the risk of something happening to your computer, which may result in computer problems. Always make sure you have an anti virus on the computer, don't visit sites that are not safe, keep your registry clean, make sure your fan is functioning properly, and so on. If you do find it necessary to take your laptop to a technician, then definitely check to see if your laptop is still under warranty. If it is, this will offset the cost.
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