Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Picking a Good Password

Picking a Good Password

Picking something you will remember 

When picking a password it is always a good idea to pick something that you will remember. It's best not to use words that are easy to guess in fact sometimes no words are best at all, use lyrics from a song, your favorite heroes catchphrase ect. Once you've gotten that try to alter it in a way that makes it even harder to guess like for instance if your favorite hero is Superman you could take "Up, Up and Away".
Password Security
A secure password is just as important as a password you will remember. From "Up, Up and Away" we can take the first or last four letters for argument sake we're gonna take the first 4 which gives us uuaa (this might seem easy to guess but bear with me also keep in mind uuaa isn't gonna be found in a dictionary and is also unlikely to be guessed at random). From uuaa we can take it a step further and make it UUaA (most of the time passwords are case sensitive thus even if someone could guess it unless they know which letters are upper case and which are lowercase it's even harder to guess the password). I don't know about you, but I'm a computer nerd and there's this thing called 1337 (leet/elite) speak in which you replace common letters with numbers just a tip but the letter a is 4 in 1337 speak so we could take this even further by going UUa4 which makes it even harder to guess at. Even if you're not familiar with 1337 speak try to incorporate numbers somehow it makes it a lot harder to guess, just make sure it's something you will remember.
Hackers and Crackers

There are people out there that would love to steal your passwords, why? Simply put so they can make your life hell they realize that with your passwords to say your email they can get private information such as personal pictures, credit card numbers, social security numbers. Identities are stolen online quite frequently, in many ways, it doesn't help you or anyone but the people stealing to have weak defenseless passwords. There are programs that are used to guess at passwords called "crackers" there are a few types of cracking one the common methods is taking words from a dictionary or just a list of words and inputting it into the computer until it guesses the right password, you can safeguard yourself from this kind of attack by doing passwords as I have described here(which is not making them words at all, but unique codes which you, and only you understand!
Keep yourself safe sincerely, Robert Hendry.
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