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Reasons to Say Yes and No to Samsung CLX 3180 Printer

Reasons to Say Yes and No to Samsung CLX 3180 Printer

The Samsung CLX 3180 Printer is a part of Samsung's elite printer series. As being something new and more elaborate than the past models of this brand, this machine has captured a lot of Yeses from users. This little machine may look like it has been "dwarfed by big and bulky printers from other brands" in terms of size - yet when it comes to being functional - this thing is small but terrible.

On the contrary, not everybody is pleased with the performance of Samsung CLX 3180. If you are planning to get a new printer for your office, home, or personal needs and you're considering this model, you better read the following points as it may just be helpful.
Yes: Reasons why you should get a Samsung CLX 3180
- It's inexpensive...but not cheap! How can a thing be inexpensive but "not cheap'? There are a lot of cheap printers out in the market, but what makes the Samsung CLX 3180 different is that you can get something of premium quality and durability without burning your wallet. Yes, the model is inexpensive, as compared to other brands of the same type; but it's not cheap because a) it does not look cheap (the structure is so chic) and b) its really working effectively.
- Output is of quality. This machine uses a Samsung CLX 3180 toner cartridge that includes the colors black, magenta, cyan and yellow. With every print, the output bursts in vibrant colors - it's really suitable for graphic projects. You can buy toner cartridges at affordable prices. Some are offered in sets but you can also purchase a toner individually. Mono prints are also of good quality. Plus, this printer is so portable you can get quality printer materials anywhere you like!
No: Reasons why you "may not" want to by this
- Speed limits. Depending on whether you're used to having ultra-fast printers, you may find the Samsung CLX 3180 Printer a little bit slower. However, if compared to the average types of printers, this model's speed (4 pages/min for colored outputs and 16 pages/min for black and white ones) is within the typical range.
- Photo problems. Although the printing quality of Samsung CLX 3180 is good, there are some unsatisfied consumers who claim that they're experiencing color problems and line irregularities when it comes to printing pictures. Sometimes though, faulty cartridges may have caused this problem; that's why it's really important to get genuine Samsung CLX3180 toner cartridges from official dealers or distributors.
- Printing problems. Some users complain that this model does not print documents even if you've hit the print button. If the cause of this problem is not about the connection between the printer and the computer, then the next thing to check is the toner cartridge. If the toner level is low, the printer may show some warning. That's why; it's really essential to refill your Samsung CLX 3180 Toner cartridge regularly.
Now that you've had a glimpse of what the Samsung CLX 3180 Printer is made off - you can more or less determine whether this model is indeed the right one for you.
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