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Apple Vs PC

Apple Vs PC

As you walk into your neighborhood coffee shop, a quick glance around will suffice to sum up the various kinds of people inhabiting the place. The hipster with his scarf and laid back attitude, the businessman with his three-piece suit and tie, the mom with her list of tasks to accomplish. Before seeing the actual people, you can probably make a pretty good guess as to what they may look like based on the kind of computer they are using. Our possessions have come to define us in this age - your computer may define who you are.
From a technical standpoint, Apple is a few steps behind the top PC's. Every release of a new Macbook pro hardware set is preceded by high-end PC laptops with the same technology. When the i7 processor was released about a year ago, PC's had the newest processing unit several months before Apple integrated it into their systems. Why then do people prefer Apple to PC on such a large scale? After all, Apple passed up Dell, Hp, and Toshiba long ago and at one point this year they were the largest company in the world.
First of all, Apple takes the cake on aesthetics. The unmistakable look of the silver Macbook Pro with its flush lcd screen and backlit keyboard is hard to replicate. This design is not just pretty, it's also sturdy. Apple makes its laptops out of all aluminum, making them much more durable the mostly plastic-based PC laptops. In a drop test, Apple with outperform PC nine times out of ten.

Secondly, Apple has done a great job of making sure their designs are perfected internally before releasing them. They may not release a new model every month, but when they do release the next generation, it is near flawless at its core. This is due to Apple's meticulous testing strategies that ensure a small number of defects. Common issues that do plague both Apple and PC such as overheating, graphics card failure, and hard drive failure, seem to not affect new Macbook Pros nearly as much as new PCs.
Thirdly, Apple has effectively captured the market for "cool" technology. When IBM was founded in the mid 1900's their aim was to produce computers that were functional and made work flow more productive - not look cool. When Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony, and other PC brands joined the race, they took this same approach, each brand creating some kind of niche, all under the larger umbrella of IBM's philosophy of functionality.

When Steve Jobs took over Apple in 1997 after a hiatus from the company, his focus was on being user friendly by using eye candy. Every detail of an Apple computer, down to the font used in its coding is meticulously reviewed for effective looks. The idea worked, and Apple is confidently the only widely accepted "cool" computer.

Whether your a mom, a businessman, or a hipster, one them remains true - Apple computers make you cool. They may not have the newest cutting edge technology or be functionally any different from your everyday PC, but the panache they carry makes them a product sought after by all.
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