Wednesday, 5 October 2011

CD RW Drives

CD RW Drives

CD RW drives and other drives such as CD ROMs, DVD ROMs and DVD RWs have become a crucial component of a computer. Previously the CD ROM drive was not crucial to the life of a computer. 

Floppy drives were the main source of data transfer and files were small enough to fit on them. However, today even CD drives are getting out of date and are fast being replaced by the DVD ROM and DVD RW Drives.

What is a CD ROM

Well you most likely know what a CD ROM is used for but maybe you don't know what it means. CD stands for Compact Disc and ROM stands for Read Only Memory.
A CD ROM holds
data that can be accessed by a computer or a CD player. Music and multimedia CDs have become popular. CDs are often used for installing programs, operating systems and other applications. A common CD holds about 700MB (700 Megabytes) while the DVD holds 4.7GB or 4700 Megabytes.

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