Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Computer Sound Card

Computer Sound Card

A computer sound card has a great importance in cpu(central processing unit).It plays the role of a music of the computers

What is a Sound Card?

A computer sound card is an additional card that is often included in the motherboard. This computer component is not compulsory but it is useful to have as most programs use a sound card.

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A computer sound card is used by a computer for music, sounds during applications and entertainment (TV, movies and games). A typical sound card usually has four ports. The largest port is the Midi/Game port, which is used for connecting a joystick or gaming controller to. The other three ports look similar and are generally green, pink and blue.

Underneath each port will be a small engraving of what each port does. The pink port is for a microphone which can record sound to the computer. The green port is line out and this is where the speakers are connected to produce sound from the computer. The blue port is line in and this is for connecting a CD-player or cassette tape to the computer.

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