Monday, 31 October 2011

Buy Sexy Servers Online - Or Make Your Own

Buy Sexy Servers Online - Or Make Your Own

Servers are not often seen as particularly 'sexy' products. For most people who are ready to buy server cases for their computing business, image will be at the very bottom of the pile of specification requirements - if they feature at all.
However for the domestic technophile who is looking into the world of home servers, style can be an important consideration. Rather than sitting in the office all week and being associated with little more than hard work, a home server will be a permanent feature of your household. Like other permanent features, your home server will give visitors to your home a certain impression about you - and if you want to make sure that impression is good, you will also want your home server to look good. Netgear routers
There are a number of businesses online that can provide ready-made custom home server cases with style firmly embedded in the design. For the more creative people amongst you, even the most dull and drab of server cases can be modified to look rather cool. Whilst this is not necessarily a task for those who are short of time, this is the route to the most original and unique server cases on the planet. To get some inspiration, simply search "show off your rig" in Google and look for one of the many threads in computer hardware forums where users have uploaded pictures of their beloved beauties.

Of course it is not only server cases that can be given a stylish makeover. In fact, depending on the space available inside your server cabinet vs the space free inside your desktop PC case, you may find modifying a PC to be easier. Whether you go down the home server or desktop PC route, there are a number of different features you can add to make yours stand out from the crowds.
Here are a couple of hints and tips for to get you started if you have decided that case modding is for you:

1. Windows

No, we don't mean the operating system, silly. If you're serious about showing off your computer, you will either want to purchase a basic case with a window installed in the side panel or invest the time and energy required to install a window in an existing case. This will show off the internal components of your computer, and pave the way for your more interesting modifications.

2. Lights

Led Lights
There is something very appealing about adding extra lights to your pride and joy. Just as car modders will often add undercarriage lighting to their creations, so case modders will often add LED lights to their computer cases. You can pick any colour you want, and apart from space restrictions inside your case, you are pretty much free to put them wherever you like.
We'll leave it to you to investigate the more intricate details of case modding. Or just buy your case ready made and modded from one of the reputable retailers you'll find online.
If you're looking for a computer case to use as the foundation for a modified masterpiece, you need look no further than Microbite. Whether you need a server cabinet or something as pedestrian as Netgear routers, Microbite are sure to have the answer

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