Monday, 31 October 2011

All the Good Features of the Dell 1235 Printer

All the Good Features of the Dell 1235 Printer

Have you ever faced a scenario when you are in dire need of printing something important and the printer just gave up on you? This scenario is common even in the most reliable and well known printer brands. Because of this, Dell has continually made their printers user friendly so that it does not take an expert to solve minor problems. With common Dell printers, solutions have been posted online to guide consumers though those minor problems. It is also important to choose the Dell printer that is most suited to your needs to avoid encountering problems.

Laser printers are very much in demand nowadays. If you are a person using a printer for the office, the Dell 1235 printer will most likely suit your office needs. The Dell 1235 is known for its multi tasking multi function features. No wonder when the Dell 1235 came out on the market, it generated a loud buzz amongst consumers about its rich features.
The Dell 1235 printer is one of the most attractive printers on the market today. Designed in sleek black, graceful curves and polished look. It is small and compact and has a footprint of seventy three millimeters by fourteen millimeters. This Dell printer is multi functional because it can do a wide range of tasks. In addition to printing it can copy, scan, as well as send and receiving faxes.

The right toner will determine the crisp and clear printing quality output. Printing takes 17 ppm for monochrome, 4 ppm for color with a resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi. The machine comes with a 360 MHz processor to ensure that a task is completed quickly. It utilizes 2 MB for fax memory so images are stored immediately unless deleted after use. Dell 1235 can also handle various types of print medium. The 1235 comes with a document feeder and can accommodate 150 sheets in its printer tray and 80 sheets on its output tray.

Gone are the days of monochrome faxing. Dell 1235 allows users to receive color fax at the speed of 33.6 kbps. This machine can also be connected through Ethernet and a high speed USB port is on hand to accommodate flash drives and PictBridge connections. With these standalone features, you do not need to turn on the computer to print your pictures or documents. Just insert your flash drive and you can print immediately. Enjoy the SmarThruOffice scan application which assists you when you print, scan, help organize, convert to text and file your document. SmarThru simply gives you a default folder to save your documents. It works with Windows Explorer when moving your scans to your chosen folder.
The LCD display is easy to understand showing status messages as to the number of copies, size, reduced, or enlarged. On the right, there are also the special function keys for printing, scanning, copying, and sending or receiving a fax. You can also find the number pad for fax dialing and the button to push to start or stop a task like print, copy, and fax.
If you need a versatile yet affordable printer for your office or home to meet your various printing needs, Dell 1235 printer is very likely the best machine for you.
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