Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Computer Video Card

Computer Video Card

The computer video card is a very important component in a computer. Without it you would not be able to send any information to the monitor. Your computer can be running fine but if you can't see anything on the monitor then it is basically worthless. So can you see the importance of the video card and choosing one that suits your needs?
A computer video card is placed in the motherboard, where it transfers video signals through a cable to your monitor. The video card can either be built into the motherboard or be a separate card that is placed in either the AGP or PCI-Express Slots.

The computer graphics cards major job in a computer is to convert graphic patterns into signals for the monitor's screen. However in recent times as the graphics card has become more advanced it has taken some of the jobs previously assigned with the CPU and through a graphics pipeline adds 2D and 3D effects and it also adds textures.

A computer video card has three memories chips, a processor fan and process heat sink and etc.

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